George Dern



George Dern’s passion for photography began in the 1950s, when his mother passed down her Rolleiflex camera to him. She was a freelance photographer for Vogue Magazine in the 1940s and was largely influential during his formative years. She encouraged him to find his own eye for photography and helped him understand the vital importance of natural lighting effects. When Dern wasn’t in the darkroom watching his mother work, he was outside in constant search of the perfect natural light. Years later, another mentor, Art NeJeme, came into his life in 2011. NeJeme felt Dern possessed the rare gift of a ‘natural eye’ and encouraged him to pursue photography professionally. Dern purchased his first DSLR camera and has never looked back. His muse is nature and he spends a considerable amount of time traveling with his wife, Cheryl, photographing his journeys. Dern’s unique style is largely influenced by Vincent Versace, one of the pioneers of infrared black and white photography.