Gerhard Schwenke



Gehard Schwenke, an exceptional wood turner/artist, has works ranging from large translucent bowls to whimsical trees and doll house chairs, hats, hand threaded pieces and boxes, micro-vessels. His collection of over 1500 pieces is astonishing and his works are sought by collectors. Although Gerhard is a full time turner he does not intend to make a living of it; he has a passion for attending turning symposiums and has learned much from Raffan, Batty and other famous wood turners alike. Though no critical of carving and burning, his turning technique needs no embellishment.

Gehard specializes in the most simplistic of wood turning featuring the woods natural light, angles and finish. Many of his pieces capture the truer essence of the wood and or bark, merging the natural refinement of the wood while enhancing it’s features through his technique.