Gerry Chodak




Gerry Chodak was introduced to the world of glass blowing during his first career as a urological surgeon in Chicago. After spending over 40 years as the foremost expert on the diagnosis and treatment of prostrate cancer, he retired from the world of medicine to create art. Chodak developed a love for art early in his adult life and is particularly drawn to the work of Sonia Delaunay, Mark Rothko, Frank Stella, and Morris Louis. In 2006, while lecturing in Oklahoma, he was exposed to the work of glass artist Dale Chilhuly. Excited by the challenge of the hand-eye coordination needed to create a glass work, he immediately felt this was something he wanted to try and began taking lessons. Drawing inspiration from the color palettes of the artists who inspire him, Chodak combines varied shape with bright colors to create his glass objects. After working with glass for 13 years, he began looking for ways to push himself creatively. Currently, Chodak is exploring the spontaneity of abstract painting while transferring his abstract expressions from glass to the canvas.