Laura Tan


Laura Tan has been a representational, figurative oil painter for over 30 years. In that time she has been prolific and explored most mediums, many subjects, and completed numerous commissions within the representational genre—from self-portraits to still life, to drawings and watercolors of beach landscapes and people, to lovingly rendered portraits of friends and family pets. Tan’s themes are familiar: the celebration of life and death, joy and conflict, the earthly and the sublime. Tan describes her work as “playfully associative,” meaning poetic and personal associations—hers and the viewer’s—can create stories from the parts that exist together in a piece. Tan’s most recent emphasis is on her self-portraits, which are remarkable for their intimate and quiet personal narratives. A recipient of The Florida Individual Artist Fellowship Grant, Tan’s work has been exhibited at the John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL; The Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, FL; Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Clearwater, FL; Collage of the Americas Gallery, Chicago, IL; Museum of Contemporary Art, Coral Springs, FL; The Boca Raton Museum of Art and The Jaffee Center for Book Arts, FAU, Boca Raton, FL; The New York Center for Book Arts, NY, NY. Most recently, The Cornell Art Museum in Delray, Florida, featured Tan’s self-portraits. She lives and works in Miami, FL.