To The Trade – Landing

THE TRADE and The mAe

Amélie Grooscors

'Flowers For Maurice' 60 x 48 in

Janet Siegel Rogers

'Monet Revisitied' 33 x 20 in

Adam Spears

'Liberator' 48 x 48 in

Susan Romaine

'Haven' 30 x 24 in

Brenda Gordon

'In From the North' 48 x 72 in

John Burrows


Welcome To The mAe’s Professionals Page.

We invite the Design Community to share The mAe’s world of emerging and mid-career artists.
Our represented artists are diverse in style, form and function.
From that statement piece to hanging an entire space,
we look forward to being your partner for fine, original art.

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The mAe was founded on the premise that fine art is not elusive
and at its best when accessible.

The mAe can help you and your clients define and evolve their design aesthetic.

Our goal is to be art in your design, not a pronouncement of some preconceived notion or idea on our part.

Established in February 2017 by co-founders James Blumenfeld and Susan Romaine, The mAe was born from their personal experience with art – the production of art, the role of the artist, opportunities to learn and the collection and use of art in their own spaces.

Our program includes:

  • Professional financial commission on art purchased through The mAe

  • Diverse collection of art and art pieces – diverse in style form and function

  • In-gallery and/or In-home art presentations

  • Trial period to “live with desired art pieces”

  • Research beyond The mAe’s collection should you not find what you want in-house

  • Hanging, shipping and installation available

  • Eager to work as part of your team

We welcome you and your clients to The mAe and what we hope will be your first resource for anything and everything art.