Once you become part of The mAe’s community of artists you:

  • Benefit from our e-commerce driven website allowing you to present and sell your work to a local, national and international audience.
  • Benefit from having the mAe act as a point of contact between you and The mAe’s collector and design professionals.
  • Benefit from our targeted audience of collectors, interior designers, and other professional consultants.
  • Benefit from representation online, in our South Florida gallery or both.
  • Benefit from The mAe’s promotional and marketing process:
    • Online, national and local (South Florida) advertising
    • Significant Public Relations leading to editorial content
    • An active and interactive blog
    • Heavy engagement across social media
    • We host exhibitions and events in-gallery

mAe Fine Art Gallery

T R U S T E D    S E L E C T I O N   P R O C E S S

The mAe is dedicated to offering our clients and design professionals the finest selection
of newly emerging and mid-career artists.

1. Originality

Original and authentic works of art that are aesthetically appropriate for The mAe and its diverse universe of artists and art enthusiasts.

2. Quality

Quality pieces that are skillfully made within the medium combined with the Artist’s standing and reputation.

3. Voice

Preferred work has deeper meaning and provokes thought beyond what is represented visually – the work stands out and has a unique voice.

4. Intent

The portfolio represents the artist’s story and intent while open to connection and interpretation.

5. Details

The details of representation – pricing, size, artist statement, hi-res images and available inventory.


Advisory Panel

Our advisory panel consists of members of the The mAe Gallery and is led by our Principals, Director, and Senior Sales staff. They evaluate each artist’s application and body of work based on the above criteria to ensure the artist’s individuality of expression and appeal to the middle art market.

Our goal is to ensure your success with regards to the art community that makes up The mAe.

Artwork Selection

We are always on the lookout for mid-career and new talent artists. We meet artists in galleries, at fairs, through referrals and are happy to be approached directly. If you believe your work is in alignment with The mAe’s criteria above, please submit an application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by our Advisory Panel. Once an artist is accepted, we will present their work to The mAe community.

Application Process

Interested in being represented by The mAe?

Please submit:

  1. A current CV
  2. Artist Biography
  3. Artist Statement
  4. A link to your personal website (if applicable)
  5. And at least 5 images of your current body of work clearly titled including dimensions and pricing.

Email this information to:


  • Please let us know if you are seeking online representation, in-gallery representation or both.

If you are local, please do not bring your work into the gallery without an appointment.