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Susan Romaine
Susan RomaineArtist, Founder
Jim Blumenfeld
Jim BlumenfeldFounder



Welcome to The mAe!

Welcome to The Meridian Art Experience – The mAe. Here we share a fantastic, immersive and wide-ranging art space. Whether you are an art enthusiast, designer at heart or simply curious, there is plenty to explore.  We represent emerging and mid-career artists that are diverse in style, form and function.

Utilize The mAe to create your personal art journey.  Here you can search, enjoy and purchase art, meet and interact with artists, learn about all facets of the art world and engage in a community that is open and unassuming.

The mAe was founded on the premise that fine art is not elusive and at its best when accessible.  This is a place to fully express yourself and to define and evolve your design aesthetic.  Our goal is to be art in your design, not a pronouncement of some preconceived notion or idea. Think of the mAe as your custom-made shirt as accessible as ready-to-wear. Join us and we will grow and discover together.

Established in February 2017 by co-founders James Blumenfeld and Susan Romaine, The mAe was born from their personal experience with art – the production of art, the role of the artist, opportunities to learn and the collection and use of art in their own spaces.  Hungry to learn and partake in more experiential ways, they partnered and developed the mAe.

We welcome you to The mAe and what we hope will be your first resource for anything and everything art.

-Susan and Jim