Reclining Nude with Flower II

Artist's Name:
Erik Renssen
Medium: Lithograph
26.7 x 29.5 in



A flower bends toward the reclining nude figure. This is symbolic of the artist’s admiration of female beauty and the desire to reach her. The influence of Henri Matisse is visible in the white outline around the figure. Later in life, Matisse created cut-outs. Here, Renssen mimics this process using a five-stone lithographic process. A separate stone is used for each layer of color. After completion of this limited edition, the stones were washed and cannot be used to create more. Reclining Nude with Flower II comes framed, ready to hang. 

In affiliation with the Renssen Gallery in Amsterdam, Erik Renssen is an admirer of and inspired by Pablo Picasso.


Additional information

Dimensions26.7 × 29.5 in