Seated Woman in Front of a Window

Artist's Name:
Erik Renssen
Medium: Oil on Canvas
36.2 x 32.3 in




In this ripolin on panel, the artist uses a composition technique of overlapping shapes and transparence to bring vivacity to the forms. This leads the viewer to question placement and depth while triggering the imagination. Where is this woman? What lies beyond the viewer’s eye just outside their view? A world only she can see. Seated Woman in Front of a Window comes framed in a black and gold frame, ready to hang.

Ripolin is an enamel paint that is thin, bodied and has a matte finish. This unique medium allows the artist to apply layers of paint, varying in opacity.

In affiliation with the Renssen Gallery in Amsterdam, Erik Renssen is an admirer of and inspired by Pablo Picasso.


Additional information

Dimensions36.2 × 32.3 in